Workshop: Anything But Standard Google Simple and Effective Competitive Intelligence Online Searching


Typically online researchers go to Google. If they fail to find the intelligence they want, they assume it doesn’t exist. This session will look at ways of searching beyond Standard Google – covering lesser known features and advanced searching, plus looking at alternatives to Google. Google has also changed. “Cheat sheets” suggest approaches that no longer work so understanding the latest search environment can help competitive intelligence experts find what they need.
As increasing amounts of competitive intelligence material go online, being able to search effectively has become a crucial competitive intelligence skill. The assumption is that search is simple. This workshop aims to make it simple AND effective – looking at what can (and can’t) be found and why. Understanding why will inform the overall research process ensuring that competitive intelligence professionals make the most of online tools and know when to move onto primary research (plus obtain information identifying who to interview and how).

Key topics

  • What has changed: Understand the latest online search environment including what’s new, what’s gone and what’s happening or likely to happen to impact search approaches
  • Learn advanced search techniques that go beyond standard Google, so as to allow deep-diving into the online intelligence ocean.
  • Discover sources for competitive intelligence that can give an in-depth understanding of competitors and markets – using user-posted material, video, images and website meta-data that can hold secrets companies fail to realise is available.

Speaker profile

Arthur Weiss is the CEO of AWARE, specialising in competitive intelligence analysis, research and training. Arthur has worked in competitive intelligence since the 1980s, initially with Dun & Bradstreet and now with AWARE, established in 1995.
Arthur is known as a competitive / marketing intelligence expert. He led the world’s first workshop on finding competitive intelligence using the Internet at the 1997 International Online Conference, has taught hundreds of competitive intelligence professionals on a range of topics, and leads ICI’s secondary research workshops.
Arthur was the General Editor of Croner’s Marketing – A Practical Management Guide (1996) contributing chapters on competitor analysis and marketing planning. He wrote the corporate intelligence chapter in The Palgrave Handbook of Security, Risk and Intelligence (2017)
Particular interests include OSINT and understanding / anticipating competitor behaviour. His MBA thesis looked at competitor strategy using a game theoretical model. Arthur is also a member of AIIP and SLA.