Patent Indicators for the Valorisation of Innovative Inputs : A Case Study on Advance Materials


Many companies are missing opportunities to establish important new income sources or obtain other strategic advantages in exploiting the potential of their innovative inputs like their patents.
The objective of this proposal is to show how patent information can help in the valorisation of innovative resources and capabilities.
Among all patent information, one is more strategic for this issue: the forward citations. It represents a valid indicator of the economic and technologic importance of a patent (OECD, 2009). This data, associated with other patent information, give us some strategic insights which improves the decision process in valorisation. As an example, this information allows us to determine the best way to value a patent portfolio by a large diffusion or a focus one, what are the actors which can be interested by the acquisition of patented technology, what are the domains of application, if there is a patent cluster which can be valued together, etc.

Key topics

  • Knowledges about the informative potential of patent data
  • An operational method for identification of opportunities on innovative resources and capacities

Speaker profiles

Marina Flamand achieved a PhD thesis in 2016, funded by PSA Group; this thesis was dedicated to the enhancement of technology intelligence practices within large industrial groups. In particular, Marina studied the informational benefits of patent and financial data to support decision making in innovation process. She now occupies a post-doctoral position on the same issues in the Industrial Academic Partnership lead by Ariane Group. More precisely, her research focuses on the analysis of strategic use of the patent system by applicants and the development of data mining methods dedicated to help technology valorization, identification of innovative partners, etc.

Ines Dhuit has been working at VIA Inno (University of Bordeaux, GREThA UMR-CNRS 5113) since 2015. She has a master’s degree in Innovation Economics & Competitive Intelligence and a Bachelor‘s degree in mathematics applied to social sciences. She's involved in various projects linked mainly to the vegetal oil and the protein industry (Avril Group). Ines works on various problematics concerning technological characterization and valorization using methods for Technology Intelligence.