A Topology of Collaboration Strategies


Accessing external sources of knowledge has become a vital part of the innovation process of firms. In an effort to understand the competitive environment of the firm understanding the collaboration strategies of firms is a vital aspect. The aim of this paper is to provide a typology of collaboration strategies of firms in a given domain. The latter is accomplished by creating and analyzing a network created by collaborative ties.
The idea is to identify firms with an

  • Open strategy, meaning firms that aim to access new sources of knowledge by experts
    evolving in their own clusters.
  • Closed strategy, meaning firms that build their own cluster of collaborators.
  • Newcomers, firms that just entered the market and position themselves. in the periphery Once the firms have been classified we will analyze which technologies the firms have been trying to access through their collaborations.

Key topics

  • Using simple network indicators one can deduce complex information on strategic behavior
  • When patent data is used to generate the network it is possible to find in-depth information on the motivations behind the collaborative strategies.
  • A visual output for comparing the technologies externalized by two firms.

Speaker profile

Johannes van der Pol is a researcher in Technological Intelligence at Via Inno, a project of the GREThA laboratory for economic research of the University of Bordeaux. He is mostly active in the ITEMM open-lab between the University of Bordeaux and Michelin.
His current missions consist in developping new methods and indicators allowing firms to better assess their technological and competitive environment and help the strategic decision making process.  
Johannes has a PhD. in innovation economics, a master’s degree in economic and financial risk engineering and economic modeling  as well as a bachelor’s degree in economics.