Workshop: Research Beyond Your Borders: International Research on Foreign Companies, Markets & Industries


In August 2015 world stock markets fell as China’s market crashed. In mid-2016 the UK voted to leave the EU and in November 2016 the US voted in a new President. All had significant business impact - the world has “been contracted into a village by electric technology” as Marshall McLuhan described the Global Village 50 years ago.

Finding information globally is more and more important for competitive and market intelligence professionals. This workshop looks at ways of finding such information online and considers the sorts of information that can be found (and as important, what can’t be found). It will consider how information availability varies globally – and how this knowledge can be used for decisions on when to use primary or secondary research approaches.
Attendees will learn a methodology for international research and key sites that facilitate researching foreign markets for a range of competitive and marketing intelligence requirements.

Key topics

  • Learn methodologies for conducting international CI/MI research
  • Understand international research limitations and so be able to evaluate research
    requests more effectively
  • Discover key sites for international research on companies, markets, finances, etc.

Speaker profile

Arthur Weiss is the CEO of AWARE, specialising in CI analysis, research & training. Arthur has worked in CI since the 1980s initially with Dun & Bradstreet and now with AWARE, established in 1995.
Arthur is known as an expert in online intelligence – and has used a mix of subscription and free online sources for competitive intelligence since the early 1990s. He led the world’s first workshop on finding competitive intelligence using the Internet at the 1996 International Online Conference and since then has taught many hundreds of CI professionals the secrets of effective searching. Other interests are the role of communication in CI, competitor behaviour and cross-cultural aspects impacting CI.
He has written widely, lectured and led workshops on CI including ICI’s secondary research workshops. Arthur is a member of SLA, AIIP, is a chartered member of the UK Institute of Marketing, and holds a BSc (Biochemistry) and MBA.