Workshop: Economics for Competitive/Market INtelligence–
Grasping Concepts, Locating Information Sources and Understanding the Data


CI analysts must always take the macroeconomic environment into account in their work. Yet only a minority have a background in macroeconomic analysis and the subject is just part of the syllabus for those who have undertaken general management courses. This workshop aims to ensure that attendees understand key economic ideas clearly, have a sound awareness of the places to search for macroeconomic data and a heightened understanding of the meaning of the information retrieved. It seeks to integrate their well-developed microeconomic knowledge of industries and companies with a sharper insight into the wider national and international economic scene.

Key topics

  • A rapid overview of the most important concepts such as GDP and its components, inflation, employment and unemployment, earnings, interest and exchange rates for those without formal training in economics and a systematic exercise in revision for those who studied them some years ago
  • Guidance on how to  obtain information from national, regional and international sources including private as well as public providers of economic facts and figures
  • Suggestions on how to interpret economic data. What is the significance for my company of new figures and how is the broader economic context in which it operates changing?

Speaker profile

Christopher Murphy  is director of Ravensbourne Consulting Limited and has been involved in Competitive Intelligence assignments for 24 years. Clients served have ranged from start-ups to multinational giants across a wide variety of sectors in many countries. His book: ‘Competitive Intelligence’ received considerable critical praise. He has been a faculty member of the Institute for Competitive Intelligence – leading workshops on financial analysis and CI reporting – for the last five years. He is a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and a non-executive director of its trading arm and a member of both the Society of Business Economists and the World Future Society.