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Innovation in Competitive/Market Intelligence – An Interdisciplinary Approach

On the one hand, com­pe­titive and mar­ket intelli­gence now­adays are quite well de­fined and wide­ly accep­ted con­cepts, inclu­ding a set of stan­dard text­books that com­pre­hen­sively des­cribe the core com­pe­titive and mar­ket intel­li­gence tools and tech­niques. On the other hand, com­pe­ti­tive and mar­ket intel­ligence have al­ways been highly inter­dis­cipli­nary con­cepts driven by inno­va­tions in IT, know­ledge mana­ge­ment, psy­cho­logy, gene­ral busi­ness mana­ge­ment, and many other fields.
What are the recent inno­va­tions that will drive the future of CI/MI? Do we simply need to inte­grate them into CI/MI or do they re­de­fine yes­ter­day’s CI/MI pro­cesses?
This year’s con­fe­rence motto will focus on trend scou­ting for inno­va­tions in CI/MI, emer­ging from neigh­bo­ring dis­ci­plines and leve­ra­ging CI/MI to a new level.  Expect new tools, unex­pec­ted in­sights as well as do’s & don’ts, and best prac­ti­ces.

Topics covered within the conference include:

  • Intelli­gence Leader­ship – How to en­gage manage­ment and pro­vide effec­tive de­cision support
  • Intelli­gence Leader­ship – Inno­vative ways to en­gage ma­nage­ment and pro­vide effec­tive de­cision-making support.
  • CI and Know­ledge Mana­ge­ment – How to gain crea­tive com­pe­titive in­sights from your orga­niza­tion’s collec­tive com­pe­titor know­ledge
  • CI/MI and IT – New tools to leve­rage the CI/MI pro­cesses
  • Compe­titor Moni­to­ring and Ana­lysis – New con­cepts to under­stand and inter­pret your compe­titors' plans
  • Cus­tom­er and Sup­plier Ana­lysis – Anti­cipa­ting changes in the supply chain
  • Market Ana­lysis – Inno­va­tions in mar­ket ana­lysis, pre­dic­tive ana­lysis, and fore­casting
  • New Business Oppor­tuni­ties and Threads – How to recog­nize or even anti­ci­pate new trends or disru­ptive events
  • M&A, Alli­ance and Inves­tment Support – How to support stra­tegic partner­ships and M&A in the quali­fica­tion process
  • Patent & Intel­lec­tual Pro­per­ty Intelli­gence – Innovations in pa­tent/IP research and ana­lysis
  • Stra­te­gic Intelli­gence – Latest de­ve­lop­ments in stra­te­gic fore­sight and stra­te­gic de­cision-ma­king sup­port

Automobile Industry Track

The con­fe­rence will in­clude a spe­cial in­dus­try fo­cus. One of three tracks will focus on case studies and best prac­tices within the auto­mo­tive in­dus­try

Scientific Research Track

Presentations about recent and innovative scientific research on Competitive/Market Intelligence. The track is supported by Halmstad University (Sweden) and the “Journal of Intelligence Studies in Business” (JISIB)


Rainer Michaeli
Institute for Competitive Intelligence

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Jun 15, 2016 Call for speakers published
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